When do you want to visit Greece?

Posted on 11 May 2016 by Admin   |  Filed underTravelling

March and April are the best months to discover the sights. It is the ideal time for sight-seeing tour. Aromas of flowering trees and shrubs are in the air, the sun shines affectionate, and the temperature has to pedestrian walks. There is no tedious heat yet, but the nature is incredibly beautiful. Greeks celebrate Independence Day in March so the colorful parades are held in every city of the country. Many vacationers are swimming in the sea by the end of April, when the water warms up to + 19 ° C.
May and June are perfect for beach season. The swimming season in Greece is officially opened in May. The air temperature is already equal to + 26-28 degrees and the water is heated to 20. This combination of weather conditions makes it possible not only to enjoy a beach holiday, but also to allow time for a cultural program. June is the best time for a vacation in Greece. Climatic conditions are excellent in this month: the air is heated to +30 degrees, seawater — up to 24, and the humidity is kept at a low level. This is the best time for those who love to bask in the sun, swim in the sea, but can not stand the intense heat. June is also ideal for families with young children. All the beaches of Greece have the highest environmental standards and are quite comfortable.
July and August are good for resting in the Northern Greece. Air temperature reaches + 36-40 ° C in the hottest months of summer, and the sea warms up to + 24-25 ° C. So thats why it is better to spend this time in the north of the country or on the island of Corfu. You can bathe in the warm sea water, take wellness programs in medical centers and hotels, or shopping. Sales season starts in mid-July and at the same time the Wine Festival begins.
September is considered to be one of the best months for a holiday in Greece. There is no sweltering heat and at the same time the air is warm enough (about + 30C), the sea is warm and well-pleasing. This period, as well as June, is good for families with children or for a romantic trip. In October the south of Greece is still quite warm. Only at the end of the month, the air cools down to 20 degrees, seasonal rains begin, and the beach season is considered to be closed.
November in Greece is quite rainy and cool, so the only optional rest in this month is a wellness program. The hotel will feature a gym, sauna and spa. There are interesting trade fairs in Thessaloniki in November. Another autumn leisure in Greece can be a trip to Santorini, which is characterized by very mild climate. Islands located not far away from Santorini are famous for their hot springs.
In December you can go to one of the ski centers. The most popular is Fterolaka, which is located on the ridge of Parnassus. There is a large number of ski slopes with modern lifts and car rental to take all necessary skiing equipment.