Traveling to Greece with pets

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Things are much more complicated on the plane. It is better not to overfeed your animal on the way to the airport. If your pet weighs 6-8 kg together with the metal container in which it will fly, you will have to part with a favorite on the flight.

Prepare a large container where your pet can stand up. Ensure that the is a water portion, dry food and favorite toy in the container. It is permitted to give your pet a sedative.
Each airline sets its own rules for animal transport, so it is necessary to ask about them in advance. The only exceptions are guide dogs, which can fly in the cockpit, regardless of the weight. Most hotels that have special conditions for pets are located on the popular tourist islands Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Corfu.

You'll find modest hotels and villas, which will allow you to stay with a dog, cat or ferret easily. There are no restricting laws to stay with dogs in Greece. You are free to roam along the coast with your pet or play with him in a flying saucer right on the sand.